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reviews - London

113 reviews by local members

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Reviews are member-reviewed favorites - anything from cafes to dentists to local bands. Post your own review to share it with your friends and neighbors.

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Busaba EatThai
"Yumsome Thai food at affordable prices (now THAT makes me smile)" - 06/23/06 by

other featured reviews

Internet Radio Show Wednesdays 3-4pm EST: Eclectic dance bands / djs / musicians
"Soulful Eclectic Groove Internet radio show wednesdays 3-4pm EST" - 07/16/05 by funky4u
The Buck's Head bars / clubs / cafes
"Friendly staff and good food... Cheap as well!" - 11/01/05 by Unsubscribed
Greenwich Market - shops
Place to buy a kilt - 12/18/05 by Star
Souk restaurant restaurants
Great little north African restaurant - 11/29/05 by Johara

favorite restaurants

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"Lovely Persian bar and restaurant with live performers"
- 11/29/05 by Johara

other favorite reviews to eat

Stringray Globe Cafe
"best grub in the hood" - 10/10/05 by Unsubscribed
Souk restaurant
"Great little north African restaurant" - 11/29/05 by Johara
Crazy Homies
"Great Mexican Food in Notting Hill" - 04/08/06 by Devin
Sausage and Mash Cafe, London
"cheap eats for london!" - 06/16/05 by E.S.S.

top local bands

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favorite places to shop

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other favorite places to shop

The Grasshopper
"For piercing and tattoos" - by Unsubscribed
Keeping your vibration clear
"What can we do to keep the vibe happenin'? Lots! check it out!" - by Ashera

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